Foundation Stichting 't Walvisvaarders Huisje

On 10 October 2011, the foundation Stichting 't Walvisvaarders Huisje was set up. The aim of the foundation is the preservation of the historico-cultural value of 't Walvisvaarders Huisje, the further development and documentation of the history of the house and its residents, and the support of making the house and its history accessible to the public.


Furthermore, it is the foundation's goal to assemble fundings in order to make all this possible. The foundation is also busy with applying for subsidies and it manages the contributions for visits of the house and donations in order to make this house accessible for the public and preserve this unique monument.


The listed building is registered under monument number 35243.


ANBI and further information

't Walvisvaarder Huisje has the ANBI-status (Public Benefit Organisation)


Name: Stichting ’t Walvisvaarders Huisje

RSIN/ANBI: 8509.96.582

KvK no. (Chamber of Commerce): 537 37 490



Article 2 of the statutes (original in Dutch):

  • facilitating the conservation of the cultural historical value, interior, and exterior of 't Walvisvaarders Huisje;
  • further developing and documenting the knowledge of the history of 't Walvisvaarders Huisje and its inhabitants;
  • facilitating the public accessibility of 't Walvisvaarders Huisje and its history.

The foundation does not aim at making profit.


Policy plan

View the multiannual plan for 2022-2026 (in Dutch).
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Board members


Mr H. de Bles, Chairman

Mr H.P. Bakker, Treasurer

Ms L. Bruijn, Volunteers

Mr E.R. Capitain, Secretary

s A. de Wit, Collection and Programming


Reward policy

The board members do not receive any remuneration or reimbursement of expenses.


Activity report and annual report

Annual report 2021
View the activity report and the annual report (ANBI documents, in Dutch).
jaarstukken 2021.pdf
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We are grateful for any donation!

Rabobank account no.: NL97 RABO 0166 1568 84 to Stichting 't Walvisvaarders Huisje


The restauration of 2016-2017 was financed by substantial contributions by Stichting Loodsen door het Landschap (financed by Waddenfonds and Provincie Noord-Holland) and Mr. Jan Willem Baerveldt Fonds (part of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds).


Since 2012, we have received generous contributions by STIFTexel, Texelfonds, Texel 600, RABO Noord-Holland Noord, LIONS and VSB-fonds. Thanks to these contributions, we were able to acquire glass cabinets, a bookcase and various objects for the collection and we were able to restore a wood stove and set up a website.

We are also very grateful for the private financial donations we have received over the years, which made it possible to commission the watercolour paintings by Johan Reydon (showcased on this website and our flyers), and to acquire a bed step, two plate racks and lamps. We have also received objects, which fit the interior of the house.

The German and English translations have been donated by Compass Translations.