Come and have a look during our opening hours or attend the informative morning event 'History and theatre'.


Open house

Travel back to the time of Klaas Jacobsz Daalder and have a look at 't Walvisvaarders Huisje. You can discover the front room in typical "Zaans" blue, the back room in apple blossom pink and the kitchen with the beautifully decorated chimney. You will find box-beds, items from former times and so called 'Harlinger' tiles from the 18th century.


We collect a small contribution of € 2.00 per person. The proceeds will entirely support the preservation of 't Walvisvaarders Huisje. If you have a Texelse Museumpas, entry is free. You can find the opening hours on the events page.


In 't Walvisvaarders Huisje, history and theatre

At 't Walvivsvaarders Huisje, Ina Schrama will take you on a journey back to the year 1755. She will slip into the roles of Trijntje, Klaas and Simon, the inhabitants of this house back then. You will hear about their lives here in Den Hoorn and the whaling voyages and all the dangers they entailed. You will also be guided through 't Walvisvaarders Huisje by maritime historian Ineke Vonk-Uitgeest, who will tell you more about whaling in the 18th century. Travel from Den Hoorn to the far north and experience life back in the days.


This activity is in Dutch. The costs amount to € 7.50 per person, including coffee and tea. If you have a Texelse Museumpas, you receive a € 2 discount. The proceeds will entirely support the preservation of 't Walvisvaarders Huisje. You can find the dates on the events page.



Due to the fragility of the house, there is a small possibility that we might ask you to return later if there are too many visitors in the house.


There are several steps and thresholds in this old house, so unfortunately it is not suitable for wheelchairs and buggies.


Dogs are not allowed inside.


Big bags and backpacks are not permitted in the house. You can leave them with one of our volunteers when entering the house.


't Walvisvaarders Huisje is a private home. Please be considerate when taking photos and sharing them!


The inhabitants of 't Walvisvaarders Huisje would appreciate it if you didn't touch any objects and didn't sit on the chairs and in the box-beds.


Please note that entering 't Walvisvaarders Huisje is at your own risk. The foundation is not liable for any damage or theft of the visitors' property.